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Since the publication of our book, we have learned a lot about the emerging support economy and how companies move into the support space. We have spoken to many groups around the world, and we have exciting projects with select pioneers in this new space. These private and public sector pathfinders are developing new distributed enterprise models in which the individual is supported at the center of a federated network of product and service providers. Much of our work has been in the areas of healthcare, active adult living, community transformation, housing, and education.

Shoshana is now immersed in writing up what we have learned. It reflects on client work and looks at new methodologies, the distributed business model, the reconfiguration of assets and how to carry out an “institutional by-pass.” Jim has co-founded a new business: The Demeter Entrepreneurs Support Network. This is a unique entrepreneur centric network that provides  individualized and continuous support for entrepreneurs educated in the west and returning to a low income country to start a business.

You can read about some of our work and thoughts in The McKinsey Quarterly – September 2010. “Creating Value in the Age of Distributed Capitalism”

Please feel free to contact us for more information or to share your knowledge about support economy pioneers. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Best wishes, 

Shoshana and Jim


Praise for The Support Economy

The Support Economy is a dazzling blend of business vision, history, social psychology, and economics, The Support Economy starts with a compelling premise: People have changed more than the corporations upon which their well-being depends. In the frustration and rage that now separate individuals from organizations lie the keys to a wholly new economic order. “

-Top ten business book, first in the Values category, strategy+business, January 2004



“Zuboff and Maxmin remind us that profound business innovation always starts with an insight on how to meet individuals’ deepest needs in anew way. Those people who take this book to heart will earn a lot of money as well as make the world a better place.”

- Former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley


The Support Economy is a masterpiece. Shoshana Zuboff and Jim Maxmin weave a compelling logic for a new economic order “..

 - George Fisher, retired chairman and CEO of Eastman Kodak Company


“Shoshana Zuboff and James Maxmin are no-nonsense visionaries,offering the most profound social analysis in years – a manifesto for the coming order in business and society at large. The Support Economy is a dazzling display of intellect with heart – brilliant, important, and sound. Read it or be left behind in the dust.

- Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence, co-author of Primal Leadership